What Is a Notice of Nonsuit?

notice-nonsuit Credit: Tom Merton/Caiaimage/Getty Images

The US Legal website defines a notice of nonsuit as a legal document filed by the plaintiff of a lawsuit removing one or more defendants from liability in the suit. The judge in the case may also put in a judgement of nonsuit if the plaintiff abandons the lawsuit or if the judge determines that there is no way possible to prove the case against the defendant.

There are two possible results from providing notices of nonsuits to all of the defendants of a case. The results include a dismissal of the case without prejudice and a dismissal of the case with prejudice. A dismissal without prejudice means that the defendant is released from the suit but can be sued again for the same matter in the future by the plaintiff. This is generally done when there is a need for more evidence to be secured in a case or when there is some reason for the existing lawsuit to be delayed until a later date. The dismissal of the case with prejudice not only releases the defendant from the present suit but also prohibits the plaintiff from filling an additional suit in the future pertaining to the same matter.