What is a notice of intent to lien?


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A notice of intent to lien is a notice that warns a property owner, contractor or other applicable parties that a mechanics lien is set to be filed unless payment due is made within the designated period, zlien states. This notice is only legally required in a handful of states.

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As of November 2015, only 9 states require provision of a notice of lien to applicable parties before the actual lien is filed, zlien reports. A lien placed on a piece of property by a professional who supplied materials or labor for work on that property helps protect that professional from risk of not being paid for the services or materials rendered, Investopedia explains. The exact procedures and remedies vary from state to state.

If a property owner is not satisfied with the work the professional or contractor performed, he may decide to not pay the bill, but this generally does not resolve the issue. The property owner should talk to the professional who rendered the services to determine how to address the matter. If a contractor used subcontractors and did not pay the subcontractors, the property owner may still be liable to pay, and the lien is used to ensure payment is rendered, explains Investopedia.

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