What Does a Notary Statement Template Include?


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A notary statement template for an oath contains a statement or affirmation that includes the notary's name, state and county, as well as a claim to swear to an oath defending the Constitution and notary duties. An affidavit template contains a sworn written general statement supporting the affiant.

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An affidavit template has a blank space for the state and county, a space for the name of the affiant and a statement swearing to the contained information. These are followed by spaces for the day, month and year, as well as a commission expiration date at the bottom. The template must have a space for both the notary and affiant to validate the statement by signing it.

While general templates can be made for wills, power of attorney documents, deeds and certificates, most of these documents are created by the person who requests notarization. Certificates must be validated using original state documentation and must be stamped or signed. There are many types of power of attorney documents, and a notary can create templates for these documents and alter them to fit the needs of each person requesting notarization.

Wills are usually drafted by lawyers, and a notary is only called upon to witness the signing of the document and add a signature to make it legally binding. Deeds are another type of document for which a general template can be created but may not be necessary.

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