What Is a Notarized Letter Used For?


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A notarized document helps prevent fraud from occurring. When a letter is notarized by a notary, the notary is telling the court that the person or persons signing the document has proven their identity, as confirmed by Get Legal.

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Mortgages, deeds and living wills must be notarized for them to uphold in a courtroom, as stated by Get Legal. Other documents can also be notarized so the person signing the paper does not have to go to court to prove that they signed the paperwork.

A notary will check identification of the signers before adding his or her signature to confirm that the letter has been signed legally. The notary will also make sure the document is signed in front of them as opposed to being signed before being brought into the office.

Many legal cases also need notarized documents. Affidavits must be notarized in order to be admissible in court. If they are not notarized, they hold no value in the court system.

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