Who Are Some Notable U.S. Air Force Generals?


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Notable U.S. Air Force generals include Henry H. Arnold, Joseph T. McNarney and George Kenney. McNarney and Kenney were four-star generals, while Arnold was a five-star general.

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Henry H. Arnold was promoted to general of the Army on Dec. 21, 1944 and to general of the Air Force on May 7, 1949. He has the distinction of being the only member of the U.S. Air Force to hold a five-star general rank, and is the only member of the armed forces to have achieved a five-star ranking in more than one branch of the armed forces. Arnold was commander of Army Air Forces during World War II, leading troops to victory over Germany and Japan.

Joseph T. McNarney served in Europe in the Mediterranean theater of operations as Deputy Supreme Allied Commander, later becoming acting supreme allied commander following his promotion to full general. He went on to become commanding general of the U.S. Forces in the European theater, senior member of the United Nations Military Staff Committee and commanding general of the Air Material Command at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

George Kenney was promoted to general on March 9, 1945, following a distinguished career that saw him serve as commanding general of U.S. forces in Europe and the Pacific. Following World War II, he served in the Military Staff Committee of the Joint Chiefs, worked with the United Nations and commanded the Strategic Air Command at Andrews Air Force Base.

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