Who Are Some Notable Members of Congress in 2015?

Who Are Some Notable Members of Congress in 2015?

Notable members of Congress in 2015 include Senator Heidi Heitkamp, Senator Joni Ernst, Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Chuck Grassley. Although these lawmakers may not be household names yet, several factors have made them worth watching in 2015.

With the Republicans controlling both houses of Congress, the subsequent power dynamics should reveal some notable members. Some of the members to watch closely in 2015 are freshmen, while others are seniors. Political commentators expect Heidi Heitkamp to be a notable figure for both the media and lobbyists due to her past stand on issues. Ranked as one of the most moderate senators in Congress, the Democratic senator from North Dakota could be a swing vote in the Republican-controlled Senate.

Senator Joni Ernst, a freshman Republican from Iowa, is a woman to watch closely after her unprecedented win in one of the most closely watched senate races in the nation. As a female senator, Ernst may rise to prominence in the male-dominated Republican caucus. As a representative of Iowa, a critical presidential state, she enjoys the most leverage as the 2016 presidential election draws closer.

Commentators consider Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts a critical force in the Democratic leadership because of her progressive views. Warren’s supporters have also been floating her name as a potential presidential contender. Her notable activities include her ongoing anti-Wall Street crusades, her support for American workers and her fight to ease backing regulations.

Another member to watch is Chuck Grassley, the Republican senator first elected in 1980. Now that the Republicans are in control in the Senate, the senior senator from Iowa is poised to chair the influential Judiciary Committee.