Who Are Some Notable Five-Star Admirals?

Who Are Some Notable Five-Star Admirals?

Notable five-star admirals include William Daniel Leahy, Ernest Joseph King, Chester William Nimitz and William Frederick Halsey, Jr. A Five-star admiral, or fleet admiral, is equivalent to a general in the Army or Air Force.

William Daniel Leahy was Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during World War II from 1942 to 1949 and played a major role in all of the pivotal military decisions during the war. He was the first officer in the U.S. Navy to hold a five-star rank.

Ernest Joseph King was a gunnery and submarine expert who went on to become a pilot with the Navy. He became full admiral in 1941 and commanded the Atlantic Fleet during World War II.

Chester William Nimitz was promoted to fleet admiral in World War II and served as chief of naval operations. He was widely considered to be an exceptional strategist. He commanded the Pacific Fleet and oversaw land and sea forces during World War II.

William Frederick Halsey, Jr., became a fleet admiral on Dec. 11, 1945, and was only the fourth officer to hold that rank at the time. Among his most notable assignments was commanding a fleet that launched Lieutenant General James Doolittle’s squad for a bombing raid on Tokyo.