How Do You Get a Non-Driver ID Card in New York?

How Do You Get a Non-Driver ID Card in New York? provides information about how to obtain a New York non-driver ID card. The website provides information about the proof of identify documents an applicant needs, a link to the non-driver ID application and information about the cost of the ID.

The New York Department of Motor Vehicles requires that applicants apply for a non-driver ID in person at a DMV office. provides office locations and information about certain busy offices where applicants can make an appointment to cut down on their wait times.

The DMV requires that applicants show proof of name and date of birth to obtain an ID card. has a list of acceptable documents. Some documents are only valid proof when shown along with other documents. details the special requirements for applicants under age 21 who do not have valid documents to prove name and date of birth.

The DMV charges different fees for a non-driver ID card depending on applicants' age and whether or not they receive Supplemental Security Income. Applicants must pay the fee for the non-driver ID at the time they apply. The New York DMV accepts debit or credit cards, checks and money orders, but does not accept cash.