How Do You Get a NJ Unclaimed Funds List Online?

To obtain a list of unclaimed funds that the state of New Jersey is holding in your name only, conduct a search through the website, instructs the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. To obtain a comprehensive list of all unclaimed funds that the state is holding, submit a request through the Open Public Records Act website.

The Unclaimed Property Administration of New Jersey partners with Missing to restore unclaimed funds to owners, explains the New Jersey Department of the Treasury. To search the database, go to the main page, enter your first name, last name and state name in the form, and click on Go. If an address on the list matches a previous address of yours, submit an online request for the funds. The Unclaimed Property Administration then sends you a claim packet detailing documentation needed to establish your claim. The New Jersey Unclaimed Property Trust Fund holds unclaimed funds indefinitely until owners submit valid claims.

To receive a list of names and addresses of all New Jersey unclaimed funds owners, go to the New Jersey Department of the Treasury website, scroll down to the bottom of the page, click on the OPRA icon, and click on Submit an Online Request. Specify on the form that you are requesting the information from the Department of the Treasury, Government Records Access Unit. Provide contact information so the department can contact you if it requires further information or fees. Be precise in describing the information you require.