How Does the NHTSA Announce Recalls?

How Does the NHTSA Announce Recalls?

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announces recalls in a variety of ways, including regular updates on its website. Individuals can also find recall announcements on the agency's Facebook page and Twitter account.

The NHTSA updates its website with recalls on a daily basis. The provided information includes the name of the product, the manufacturer, a summary of the recall reason and the process for remedying the problem. The listings frequently include telephone numbers for customers to gain further information.

For wide-reaching recalls, the agency uses the media to make announcements. Through press releases and news conferences, agency officials inform the public about defects and suggested remedies, according to the NHTSA.

Customers can search for vehicle recalls on the website using a VIN number. The agency also lists recalls for child restraints, tires and vehicle-related equipment, as explained by the NHTSA. By entering a model number and year, individuals can review current recalls.

Established in 1970, the NHTSA falls under the U. S. Department of Transportation and works to keep the nation's roadways safe, according to the agency's website. The organization investigates complaints about motor vehicles. If major defects are proven, the agency works with the manufacturer to issue a recall and develop remedial actions.