How Do New York State Troopers Work?


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New York State Troopers operate under the Superintendent of State Police, who is appointed by the governor, according to Wikipedia. To improve service delivery, the policing organization is divided into the Uniform Special Services, Bureau of Criminal Investigations, Office of Counter Terrorism and the Division Headquarters. The New York State Police are also organized into ten geographical units called "Troops" in order to effectively cover the entire state.

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According to Wikipedia, the Division Headquarters section of the New York State Police primarily handles routine administrative matters such as employee relations, human resources and internal affairs. The Bureau of Criminal Investigations handles, among others, computer, gun and drug crimes. It also provides investigative forensic support to other sections. Counter-terrorism, electronic surveillance, financial crimes and gang crimes fall under the purview of the Office of Counter Terrorism. Under the Uniform Special Services are the snowmobile, mountain bike and all-terrain vehicle patrol units, the bomb disposal unit, SCUBA teams, the canine unit, school and community outreach units and the emergency management unit.

According to the New York State Police Recruitment Center, the first New York State Troopers started working in 1917. They were expected to execute their duties with courtesy and professionalism, a requirement that persists to the present day. According to Wikipedia, recruits undergo 26 weeks of training at the New York State Police Academy followed by 10 weeks of post-academy field training under Field Training Officers.

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