What Are New York Government Unemployment Benefits?


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The New York state government provides temporary income for qualified workers who lose their jobs through unemployment insurance. To receive benefits, a worker cannot lose his job because of his own actions. The recipient must continue his job search each week he collects the benefit.

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To qualify for unemployment benefits, the worker must be actively searching for new employment. His work record must show enough hours worked at a qualifying job. When working at a qualified job, the employer pays contributions to the unemployment fund. The employer cannot withhold these contributions from the employee paycheck. The unemployed worker makes his application to the Department of Labor, which determines if he qualifies for benefits.

The state makes unemployment payments through direct deposits to the claimant's bank account. Other options include receiving payments through a direct payment card, which is a type of debit card. The Department of Labor reports unemployment compensation to the Internal Revenue Service through Form 1099G. Recipients must report benefits as income on their annual tax returns.

A person who loses his job should file his claim for unemployment the first week that he loses his job. The benefits require a one-week unpaid waiting period. As of 2015, the state recommends filing online through the department's website; however, it is possible for applicants to file by phone. The department provides translation services for telephone applicants.

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