Who Are Some of New York City's Most Famous Mayors?


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Fiorello Henry La Guardia, Jimmy Walker and Rudolph "Rudy" Giuliani are three of New York City's most famous mayors. Each left an indelible impression on the city through his actions and inactions.

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Jimmy Walker served as mayor of New York from 1926 to 1932. Part of the corrupt Tammany Hall political machine, Walker became known as the people's mayor due to his carefree lifestyle and attitude toward governing, turning his back to the vices of New Yorkers. When the stock market crashed, Walker's behavior wasn't viewed so favorably anymore, so he stepped down and left for Europe. La Guardia filled the void that Walker left and took a harsh stance against corruption in the government and at large. His efforts saw a return of trust from New Yorkers and led to two re-elections.

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