What Is the New York City Bar Association Responsible For?


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The New York City Bar Association is responsible for evaluating candidates for judgeships in the city's courts; providing pro bono representation in criminal justice, immigration and other areas; and acting as a liaison between the city council and the state legislature of New York City. The association also provides free initial telephone consultations to the public, according to the official website of the association.

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The New York City Bar Association, which is a voluntary association of law students and lawyers, was founded to address corruption allegations in the New York justice system in the 1870s. The association is involved in justice initiatives, legal representation in social issues such as homelessness, and human rights advocacy. The judiciary committee of the association evaluates and recommends candidates for judgeships in New York City courts, the Court of Appeals and the U.S. Supreme Court, states the New York City Bar.

The association provides pro bono legal services in the city and pushes for the expansion of these services in other countries through its nonprofit affiliates. The association runs an accredited legal education center that offers live programs for both members and nonmembers. The association also offers free referrals to pre-screened, experienced lawyers, notes the New York City Bar.

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