How Do You Get a New Construction Permit?

You can obtain a new construction permit by contacting your municipal planning or permit department, Nolo explains. If you hired a contractor for your project, the contractor often arranges to obtain the permit. Not all projects require a construction code, so it's best to check with your municipality for its specific rules.

A construction or building permit is a written authorization issued by a municipality to construct a project, notes Nolo. The exact process to obtaining a construction permit varies by location but generally includes steps such as completing a permit application, preparing a site plan and scheduling an appointment for plan approval.

When preparing a site plan, you may need to hire an architect if the project is extensive, Nolo advises. The architect can draw the project to show the construction, in order to prove the building meets zoning and building codes. The review process could take some time and even encounter delays if the city requires revisions and corrections.

You may need to schedule inspections during the construction period, according to Nolo. These inspections ensure that the project moves along according to the original plan. After your construction project is complete, the municipality may want to tour the site and provide final approval.