What Do You Need to Take to the Welfare Office for Food Stamps?

A local welfare office distributing benefits for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, typically referred to as SNAP, requires documents to validate identity, address and income, both earned and unearned. In cases where immigration is an issue, it may be necessary to produce immigration and naturalization documents.

Various state welfare offices may differ in the exact documents required for SNAP eligibility. Documents that are usually accepted as proof of identification are a state-issued driver's license, birth certificate, work ID, voter registration or documents related to school or health benefits enrollment. Residency documentation may include mail received at a current address, receipts for rent payments, utility bills or cards with an address, such as a library or voter registration card.

It is important to bring documents supporting proof of earned income, such as a pay stub or statement of payment from an employer. Proof of income is also possible with a W-2 tax form, income tax forms or accounting records detailing earnings from self-employment. Some offices may also want to see proof of unearned income. This is income that doesn't come from employment. Documents showing unearned income may include bank statements, child support agreements, an award letter for unemployment compensation or another type of benefit. Documents related to social security benefits or property taxes may also be acceptable.