Do You Need a Special Code to Make a Call to France From the United States?


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To call France from the United States, dial the U.S. exit code, 011, followed by the country code for France, 33. Complete the call by dialing the local nine-digit phone number after entering the country code.

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The first digit for a nine-digit phone number in Paris is 1, and it's 2 when calling Cherbourg, Orleans and Rouen. In Boulogne, Calais, Lille, Strasbourg and Reims, the first number is 3. For Cannes, Lyon, Marseille, Nice and Toulon, the first digit has been designated as 4, and it's 5 for Bordeaux, Lourdes and Toulouse. When dialing a French cellphone number, the first digit is 6 or 7.

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