What Do I Need to Put on an Embossed Stamp for Copyright?


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Proof of incorporation in a state or group of states is the only requirement when creating a copyright embossing stamp for a small business. Other things also commonly included on such seals are the logo of the company, the date it was established and the corporate identification number of the company.

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It is important to note that, in over twenty states, corporate seals no longer have any legal significance. The signature of an individual authorized to represent the company in legal obligations is currently the established legal method of showing that a certain document is issued as an official corporate act. Individuals that satisfy this requirement include the president or secretary of a corporation, provided that both of these individuals are recognized as being able to represent their corporations in their entirety.

A corporate seal is almost never a requirement in modern times. They are a throwback to an era when these corporate seals were the only way to validate the authenticity of a corporation's documents, given that the company owner's signature might not have been known or could have been easily forged. Their power is still recognized on deeds and bank accounts in the states that still accept them, but even in these matters, the use of corporate seals is becoming ever rarer.

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