Why Do You Need to Obtain a Building Permit?


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A homeowner needs to get a building permit to ensure any renovations made to the home are compliant with current local codes, which can help him sell or refinance his home, states the City of Milwaukie in Oregon. Remodels may need to be removed or redone if they aren't compliant.

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Why Do You Need to Obtain a Building Permit?
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Building permits are required to ensure a home or building is protected from fire hazards, structural failure, electrical shock and dangers to health, according to the City of Milwaukie. Permits show what type of work was performed as well as which inspections were completed.

Not every renovation requires a building permit, but the renovation is still required to adhere to all necessary zoning and construction codes, states the City of Milwaukie. There are exceptions to building permit requirements in some cities when the renovation deals with a single family home and for renovations that don't hang over public utility easements or subsurface drain systems.

Building permits usually aren't very expensive if the project is a remodel rather than a brand new home construction, due to the cost of the development fees, notes the City of Milwaukie. The cost of material, labor and associated construction are used to determine how much a building permit costs. A different fee structure is used to determine the cost of permits for mechanical, plumbing and electrical renovations.

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