Do I Need a Lawyer to Contest a Traffic Ticket in Court?


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It is not typically necessary to obtain a lawyer to fight a minor traffic ticket, according to FindLaw. Traffic courts usually have fewer procedures for processing and fighting a traffic ticket; therefore, individuals can handle the process by attending a court hearing and pleading their case without an attorney.

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Do I Need a Lawyer to Contest a Traffic Ticket in Court?
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While less serious violations such as speeding or illegal turn tickets may not require an attorney, obtaining an attorney for more serious violations such as reckless driving may be in the driver's best interest, explains FindLaw. If an individual is concerned about a potential complex traffic ticket conviction, the consequences of points on a driving record or higher insurance premiums, the option to obtain an attorney is available.

An attorney specializing in traffic violations gathers facts and information from the driver to identify options to decide whether challenging the violation is a feasible approach, notes FindLaw. If the driver decides to fight the traffic ticket, the attorney researches legal issues related to the violation, interviews witnesses and works with law enforcement officials to obtain information to use in court. When fighting a traffic violation, the driver and/or attorney must dispute the personal opinion of law enforcement and evidence and present facts to prove the driving was justified.

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