What Do You Need to Be Eligible for SNAP Benefits?

What Do You Need to Be Eligible for SNAP Benefits?

Individuals or households must be below certain income levels and not have access to significant financial resources like a large savings account to meet the basic eligibility requirements for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program. FNS.USDA.gov provides a full list of eligibility requirements for SNAP.

The United States Department of Agriculture determines SNAP income eligibility levels by comparing household incomes to the federal poverty rate. Households with low or no income receive more SNAP benefits.

Anyone in the home who shares the food purchased with SNAP benefits counts as a household member when determining household size and income. Some states require any able-bodied adult in the household to actively look for work, accept work and participate in employment training to remain eligible for SNAP benefits.

The federal government funds the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, but state governments administer the benefits.

Households with children, pregnant women, disabled persons or elderly persons may have different SNAP eligibility requirements or be eligible for additional assistance programs offered by the state. Call the state human or social services department to determine eligibility for SNAP and to apply for benefits. Some state human or social services websites offer quick online eligibility calculators to estimate potential SNAP benefits.