What Do You Need to Know About Your Court Hearing Date?


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Before arriving to a court date, look through the court paperwork thoroughly and make a list of possible answers for different requests listed, recommends the California Courts. Look at the hearings that are scheduled, including finding out details about each one. Ask as many questions as needed before the court date.

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A good thing to do before your court hearing is to go to other court hearings, advises California Courts. Try to find a case similar to yours, preferably with the same judge. This gives you an idea of how the process goes and what you can expect. Not only do you get more information about the hearing process, but you feel more comfortable when your own court date arrives.

Also learn about jury trials, if you are going to have one following your initial hearing, says California Courts. Gather all your evidence and documentation beforehand to be fully prepared. Organize the evidence so that you can easily find what is needed if a question is asked about details surrounding the case. It not only looks better, but it is easier to locate things when you are nervous. Have witnesses ready if applicable to your case. Also know the rules of gathering and providing evidence so it is applicable in court.

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