Where Are Navy Uniform Shops Located?

Navy uniform shops are located on naval bases around the world through the Army & Air Force Exchange Service. Navy uniforms can also be purchased online and through Army and Navy surplus shops.

AAFES provides uniforms to Navy personnel, both online and through shops located on military bases and posts. Uniforms can also be ordered through its toll-free number 24 hours a day. A military identification card must be presented to purchase a uniform through an AAFES location.

Many Army and Navy surplus shops offer Navy uniforms at their store locations and online. In some cases, this clothing is offered at a bulk or discount rate. Camping and outdoor gear, along with non-military clothing, is also typically sold at these military surplus shops, which are found around the country, not necessarily close to military facilities.

Some thrift stores sell Navy uniforms. The Navy Marine Corp Relief Society Thrift Shop program specializes in offering gently used items for Navy and Marine personnel and their families. Along with uniforms, they also supply clothing, furniture and household goods.

Navy personnel must follow specific federal regulations regarding their uniforms. Though replicas are available, federal law prohibits the wearing of official Navy uniforms by those who are not Navy personnel.