What Is Navy Federal's Routing Number?

Navy Federal Credit Union's routing number is 256074974. This number is needed for drafting an electronic check from a Navy Federal account, directly depositing paychecks to a Navy Federal account or wiring money to a Navy Federal account. An account number is also needed for these transactions.

Every bank has a nine-digit routing number. In most cases, that number can be found on the bottom left side of a check for an account from that bank. The number next to that, which can be of varying lengths, is the account number. The routing number is used to route or direct banking transactions.

Routing numbers are public information. Many financial institutions list their routing numbers on their websites. Customers can also call the bank's customer service number or visit a branch to get the bank's routing number.

In some cases, banks assign accounts different routing numbers based on the state where the account was opened. In other cases, banks use different routing numbers for foreign transactions or for savings and checking accounts.

When writing an electronic check to a vendor over the phone, that vendor's software may have the ability to detect which bank the customer is using based on the routing number.