What Are Some Navy Carriers?

As of 2015, Navy carriers include the USS Nimitz, USS Dwight D. Eisenhower, USS Carl Vinson, USS Abraham Lincoln and USS George Washington, according to the United States Navy website. There is also the USS John C. Stennis, USS Harry S. Truman, USS Ronald Reagan and USS George H.W. Bush.

The USS Nimitz is the oldest still-active carrier in the Navy, as of 2015. It is named after Fleet Admiral Chester W. Nimitz and is the lead ship of the Nimitz Class of aircraft carriers. It was commissioned on May 3, 1975 with President Gerald R. Ford in attendance. The USS Harry S. Truman was commissioned July 25, 1988. It provides a wide range of flexible mission capabilities and can project tactical air power over water and land.

Widely considered as the most effective fighting vessel in the world, the USS Ronald Reagan directly supports all of the Navy's core missions, says the United States Navy website. In fact, it is usually the centerpiece of those missions. Commissioned on Jan. 10, 2009 the USS George H.W. Bush was built to conduct sustained Carrier Strike Group operations and all other operations around the globe. It is made of 47,000 tons of structural steel and about a million pounds of aluminum.