What Are Some Naval Ships From WWII?


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The Yamato, KMS Bismark, USS Enterprise and USS Missouri are just a few of the many ships that participated in World War II. The Enterprise was the most decorated ship in the U.S. Navy, and the Missouri gained its fame when the Japanese surrendered on its decks.

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What Are Some Naval Ships From WWII?
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The Japanese Yamato was larger and better-armed than any other battleship. This dreadnought-class super-battleship was armed with 18-inch guns and armor 2 feet thick. The Nazi super-battleship KMS Bismark was the terror of European seas for the allies. It famously sank the British HMS Hood with a single shell. The downfalls of the Yamato and the Bismark were not with their construction or firepower but with their leaders, who caved under the pressures of pursuing forces.

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