What Is the National Pre-Award Registry?


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The National Pre-Award Registry contains a list of all contractors cleared by the U.S. Department of Labor within the last two years to provide services to do business with the federal government. To be included, a contractor must be found to be in compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations.

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Federal contractors include the providers of all types of goods and services to the federal government. If a contractor is not included in the Registry, the Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs conducts a review of a contractor's compliance with Equal Employment Opportunity regulations before striking a contract. This enables the contractor to then be added to the Registry for a two-year period.

Equal Employment Opportunity regulations require that federal contractors not discriminate with regard to race, color, religion, sex and national origin. In order to substantiate this behavior, contractors are required to record information regarding changes in their workforce, including hirings, promotions and staff dismissals. Contractors should also retain any relevant documentation, including application and assessment materials, policies and staff files. Moreover, contractors are required to design and implement affirmative action plans, which demonstrate management plans for ensuring their workforce is representative of its labor pool.

The government maintains the Registry as a digital database, and interested departments of the federal government as well as contractors seeking out sub-contractors may search it online or download it in its entirety.

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