What Is on the National Guard ASVAB Test?


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The Armed Service Vocational Aptitude Battery test has questions on general science, arithmetic reasoning, word knowledge and paragraph comprehension. Other ASVAB test areas include mathematical knowledge, electronics information, auto and shop information and mechanical comprehension.

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The general science section of the ASVAB has 25 questions that test the applicant's knowledge of physical science, life science, and earth and space science. The arithmetic reasoning section has 30 items that challenge the test-taker to solve arithmetic word problems.

The word knowledge section has 35 items that test the applicant's ability to understand the meaning of words through their synonyms. In addition, the paragraph comprehension section has 15 questions that measure the test-taker's ability to understand written materials and extract information from them.

The mathematics knowledge section has 25 questions that measure the applicant's knowledge of mathematical applications and concepts, while the electronics information section consists of 20 questions about circuits, electronic systems, electronic currents and electronic devices.

The auto and shop information section of the ASVAB has 25 questions that gauge the applicant's knowledge of wood and metal shop practices as well as automotive maintenance and repair. The mechanical comprehension section has 25 questions on the principles of mechanical devices and structural support and the properties of materials.

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