What Is the National Fire Protection Association?


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The National Fire Protection Association is a nonprofit organization with a global scope that works towards the elimination of injury, death, property loss and economic loss due to fire hazards both electrical and non-electrical. The organization, founded in 1896, bases its operations in Quincy, Massachusetts and has a global membership of over 65,000 individuals, as of 2015.

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The NFPA developed and adopted 300 codes and standards, which the organization works with communities and governments to enforce. The organization offers research and data analysis, public education, outreach and advocacy, and certification opportunities such as Certified Fire Protection Specialist, Certified Fire Inspector and Certified Fire Plans Examiner.

Along with a staff, the NFPA uses the efforts of over 6,000 volunteers to provide expertise and technical committee membership. The volunteers have a hand in developing and adjusting codes and standards, a process that falls under the accreditation of American National Standards Institute.

The NFPA features public education initiatives such as October's Fire Prevention Week, the Learn Not To Burn program for children, the Remembering When program exposing the dangers of fire to the elderly, and activities featuring the official NFPA mascot, Sparky the Fire Dog. Its advocacy initiatives include Fire Sprinkler Initiative, the Coalition for Fire-Safe Cigarettes and the Alliance to Stop Consumer Fireworks.

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