Is the National Deadbeat Dad List Freely Accessible Online?

Child support cases fall under state jurisdiction, explains the Office of Inspector General of the Department of Health and Human Services, so there is no national deadbeat dad list. In 2012, the federal government created a Child Support Enforcement website to find deadbeat parents who are considered fugitives.

Each state keeps its own list of deadbeat parents, and the Criminal Watch website offers searches of these lists.

The federal government intervenes when the deadbeat parent has failed to pay child support for more than a year, owes more than $5000 or travels to another state or country to avoid paying. The national website, which is run by the Office of Inspector General, includes photos of the fugitives and has a hotline number to call in tips.

As of 2015, the federal government has convicted more than 500 deadbeat parents and collected more than $33 million in child support payments, according to the OIG.