What Are the Names of the Ranks of the U.S. Army?


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The ranks of the U.S. Army include Private, Private 2, Private First Class, Specialist and Corporal. Some other ranks are Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant First Class, Master Sergeant and First Sergeant, as well as Sergeant Major, Command Sergeant Major and Sergeant Major of the Army.

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What Are the Names of the Ranks of the U.S. Army?
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Private is the lowest of the enlisted ranks and represents new recruits and soldiers under punishment. The second rank from the bottom is Private 2. Private First Class represents soldiers who have served for more than one year in the Army. Specialists rank higher than Private First Class, but are not considered junior non-commissioned officers. The Corporal is a non-commissioned officer preceded by the opening three ranks.

Sergeant refers to the enlisted rank in the Army that falls immediately above Corporal. The next rank, the Staff Sergeant, is placed in charge of specific squads. A Sergeant First Class represents a platoon sergeant at the company level. The Master Sergeant represents a brigade level section non-commissioned officer who is in charge in the field. A First Sergeant handles the professional and leadership development of soldiers below this rank. Command Sergeant Majors serve as monitors of enlisted soldiers. The Sergeant Major is the most senior enlisted member of the Army.

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