How Do You Find the Names of Pennsylvania Magistrates?

Visit the website of the Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania to find the names of Pennsylvania Magisterial District Judges. Select Courts from the main menu, and then select Minor Courts. Click Magisterial District Judges to view a complete list of the names.

The Unified Judicial System of Pennsylvania alphabetically lists the names of the counties in which the Magisterial District Judges serve. A separate column contains the district court numbers for each county. The names of the Magisterial District Judges correspond to the district courts over which they preside.

Click Show Details next to the name of a Magisterial District Judge to view the address, phone number and fax number of his district court. A map displaying the location of the district court is also available.

Each district court elects its Magisterial District Judge for a six-year term. Magisterial District Judges have to pass a qualifying exam to preside over the district courts, but they do not have to be lawyers.

Magisterial District Judges can issue warrants, set and accept bail, and fine and penalize government agencies. They are also responsible for preliminary hearings and arraignments and act as committing judges in criminal proceedings. As of 2015, Pennsylvania has 526 Magisterial District Judges.