What Are the Names of the Members of Congress Serving in 2015?


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Members of the 114th Congress include Rep. Ruben Gallego from Arizona, Rep. Ryan K. Zinke from Montana, Sen. Ron Wyden from Oregon, Sen. Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts and Sen. Diane Feinstein from California. The 114th Congress has 543 members serving in 2015.

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Voters can locate their senators and representatives on Congress.gov. The homepage features members in leadership positions. The website allows users to narrow their search by chamber, party or state. Users can also browse a list of all congressional members which shows the state and district that they represent, party affiliation, years served and photographs. The website also has contact information for each congressional member.

The 114th Congress runs from Jan. 3, 2015, until Jan. 3, 2017. As of November 2015, Republicans hold 247 seats in the House of Representatives and 54 seats in the Senate, which gives them the majority for the first time since the 109th Congress and the largest Republican majority since the 71st Congress.

The Senate president is Democrat Joe Biden, and the president pro tempore is Republican Orrin Hatch. Mitch McConnell is the Senate majority leader, and Harry Reid is the Senate minority leader. John Boehner was the speaker of the House until Oct. 29, 2015, after which Paul Ryan assumed the role. Nancy Pelosi is the House of Representatives minority leader.

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