What Are the Names of Some Gang Groups?

America is home to thousands of street gangs, but the best known include prison gangs like the Aryan Brotherhood, the Mexican Mafia and the Texas Syndicate along with motorcycle gangs like the Mongols, the Hell's Angels and the Bandidos. These gangs conduct a number of criminal enterprises, ranging from racketeering to drug smuggling and violent crime.

Motorcycle gangs like the Pagans and the Sons of Silence are highly mobile and generally well organized. They use their motorcycle clubs and legitimate social organizations as fronts for a wide variety of criminal activities. They are especially entangled with enterprises like drug and arms smuggling and are connected to many other criminal sectors through those avenues.

Prison gangs like La Nuestra Familia and Neta exist as a means of self-segregation within the United States penal system and as a security system to provide protection for individual inmates by gathering into bands. These gangs engage in violent conflict with one another along racial and cultural lines and frequently maintain strong ties to gangs outside the prison system, smuggling contraband into prisons and engaging in systemic corruption and intimidation.

Organized crime is a widespread problem in the U.S. Gangs traffic heavily in drugs and cause a wide array of problems for mainstream society through crime and racketeering.