What Is a Free Name Lookup?

A free name look-up, or free people search, is a service provided by some websites that allows users to enter the name of a person and receive certain details about that person. These details can include a phone number and physical address associated with the person searched.

Websites such as ZabaSearch and WhitePages provide information to users by searching through various databases of public information according to the names that are entered. When more than one person is found with the same name, users may be asked to provide additional information, such as the city or state of residence of the person being searched. In addition, users may be asked to provide the person's age or an age range for more specific search results.

When no information can be found during free name look-ups, users may be provided the opportunity to upgrade to a paid package or click a sponsored link. By doing so, it may become possible to run deeper searches and generate the required information. Information provided in more extensive searches can include past addresses of residency, aliases, and possible relatives but this is not always the case. Some packages offer users their money back if no information can be found during paid name look-up searches.