What Is the Name of the Current French President?

As of 2014, the President of France is François Hollande. The country's 24th president, Hollande won office in 2012, and his term is set to expire in 2017, when he may run for re-election for the only time.

As president, Hollande, a Socialist, has charted a reformist agenda, supporting gay rights, increasing social welfare programs, raising taxes on the wealthy, reforming pensions and tackling France's sclerotic employment regulations, according to Biography. The president prior to François Hollande was Nicolas Sarkozy, who occupied the office between 2007 and 2012. To win the office, Sarkozy defeated Hollande's long-term romantic partner at the time, Ségolène Royal. The couple has since broken up, and Hollande's romantic life has become fodder for the tabloid press.