How Do You Get Your Name on the Cherokee County Ballot?


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Get on a ballot in Cherokee County, Georgia, either by being selected by one of the two major political parties or collecting the required number of signatures for an independent candidate. Georgia requires that a candidate collect signatures from 5 percent of Cherokee County voters to appear on the ballot.

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The 5 percent requirement only applies to those running for political offices in Cherokee County itself. If an independent candidate is running for a higher political office and wants to appear on ballots in Cherokee County, she must collect signatures from 5 percent of all Georgia voters. Georgia's signature requirements are quite strict, as most states require only 2 percent of voters to sign an independent candidate's petition.

Although it is very difficult, it is possible to get on a Cherokee County ballot by getting the state government to recognize a new political party. An independent political party must receive at least 20 percent of the popular vote in the preceding election. At this point, Georgia's state government recognizes it as a political organization.

After being registered as a political organization, a new major political party can get its candidates onto ballots in Cherokee County and other principalities in Georgia. However, even at this stage, Georgia requires that the political organization's candidate receive at least 1 percent of the vote in the previous election or that the political organization collect signatures from at least 1 percent of registered voters.

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