How Do You View Mugshots of Minnesota Inmates?


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Mugshots of Minnesota inmates can be found at most county websites, as well as the website for the Department of Corrections, typically under an “inmate locator” or “jail roster” tab. There are also multiple national databases such as United States Inmate Locator and Mugshot.com, which present data from local jails and prisons across all 50 states, including Minnesota.

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These databases typically allow the user to search for a Minnesota inmate by name or otherwise browse the entire listings. Almost without exception, the records for each inmate lists the person’s full name, the charge for which he was convicted (typically the most severe charge), his incarceration date, his anticipated release date, and the location at which he is housed. Most of these records include mugshots, as they always do on the national databases and the Department of Correction’s website. However, some counties — including Minnesota’s two largest, Hennepin and Ramsey — do not include mugshots with their listings. Mugshots.com, it should be noted, includes records of inmates who have already been released, in contrast with the state and county websites that typically limit their listings to currently incarcerated or recently released inmates.

Minnesota state law governs the availability of public data concerning Minnesota inmates, according to the Office of the Revisor of Statutes. Minnesota Statutes Section 13.82 requires all law enforcement agencies to publicly post such circumstances of an arrest, any charges already filed, the location where the individual is being held and any bail that a court has set. Section 13.84 governs court data and requires the various district courts of Minnesota to publicize such basic information as the inmate's name, date of birth and gender; the location of incarceration; the highest-level charge of conviction; and the dates of incarceration, release, and parole/probation supervision.

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