How Do You Find Mugshots From Local Police Arrests?

Mug shots from local police arrests are sometimes available at the websites of county sheriff offices or county jails. Local newspapers sometimes post mug shots taken from the local police department or county jail's website as well. publishes booking photos from county jails across the United States. is similar to daily newspapers in that the site takes the information from the published public records and posts. To search for mug shots, visit and hover the mouse over Categories on the top menu. Click U.S. Counties. Click a county to view the mug shots of arrested individuals in that county. Aside from a booking photo, the site also posts other information about the arrested person, such as age, current location, number of sentences and the reason for the arrest.

To search for mug shots on the website of the county sheriff's office, visit and click County Jails on the menu on the top menu. Click a state on the provided map to view a list of corrections and jails in the state. Click a name under a state to be directed to the website of the sheriff's office or the county jail. The mug shots are usually available in the inmate roster information.