How Do You View Mugshots for Florida Arrests?

mugshots-florida-arrests Credit: Ed Freeman/The Image Bank/Getty Images

Individuals can view mugshots for those arrested in Florida from several sources, including jail websites, county Sheriff's offices and media outlets. When searching mugshots, it is important to note that while the individuals listed have been arrested, they are innocent until they are proven guilty in a court of law.

To view mugshots for Florida arrests:

  1. Visit the jail or Sheriff's Office website
  2. Jail and county Sheriff's offices are available resources for searching mugshots. Both cities and counties typically have jails, so individuals searching for a specific inmate should know which facility is housing the inmate.

  3. Search for inmates
  4. Depending on the website, some offer a full list of arrests over a certain time period, while others require visitors to search by name, arrest date or booking number. These sites may include other arrest information. For example, the Monroe County Sheriff's Office offers a list of mugshots and arrests over the past seven days, as well as a list of outstanding warrants. Visitors to the site can also search for arrests by name and date.

Media outlets are another resource for individuals searching for mugshots. For example, WPBF 25 in Florida posts mugshots along with inmate names, ages and reason for arrest of individuals within the station's viewing area, according to the website.