How Much Does the State Pay Per Child in a Day Care Setting?

much-state-pay-per-child-day-care-setting Credit: moodboard - Mike Watson/Brand X Pictures/Getty Images

Each state has its own maximum rate that it pays per child in a day care setting. States also have different rates for children who attend day care for full- or part-time care and for those who are in school.

As of 2014, in Illinois, the maximum rate the state allows per full-time child under the age of 2 is $46.49 per day. For children over the age of 3, the state pays up to $32.72 for full-time attendees and $16.36 for part-time and school-aged children per day. In Washington state, the maximum allowed per child per day is $45.27 for full-time infants up to 11 months and $28.56 for school-aged children.