How Much Are Personal Injury Claims Worth?


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Situations that lead to personal injury cases and the circumstances surrounding personal injury claims vary widely, and there is not just one figure to determine how much a claim is worth, AllLaw notes. The amount calculated comes down to what the injuries have cost a defendant monetarily, mentally and physically, Nolo explains.

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Personal injury is damage to one's mental, physical or emotional state, according to Nolo. Some personal injury attorneys may list examples of settlement amounts so potential clients can have an idea of the value of their claims, reports attorney Wayne Hogan. However, each case is different, and not all results are the same because each circumstance is unique. Attorneys cannot guarantee a successful outcome in each case.

An estimated 95 percent of personal injury cases reach settlements, with 5 percent making it to court, the Law Dictionary reports. Of the 5 percent that make it to court, 90 percent lose. It's difficult to determine how much any personal injury case is worth, because many times, the court considers the value of the defendant's assets, AllLaw explains. A plaintiff must consider how much a defendant is worth and the policy limits of the insurance coverage before considering any proposed settlement in the case.

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