How Much Are the Payments to Foster Parents?

Payments to foster parents are calculated based on the estimated cost of care for the foster child and differ by the child's needs, age and the state of residency. Some states also vary payments for long-term, short-term and emergency foster parents.

In Oregon, the base rate for caring for a foster child under 5 years old is $575 per month as of 2014. The payment for children between 6 to 12 years of age is $655 per month and $741 per month for children 13 years old and above. The state provides an additional $212 per month for children with moderate special needs, $414 per month for children with intermediate special needs and $850 per month for children with advanced special needs. The state also offers transportation reimbursements and additional payments for personal care services, such as medication management or bowel and bladder care. The state also provides daily rates to shelters caring for foster children. In contrast to Oregon's payment rates, Michigan offers between $130 and $400 per month, depending on a child's age and special needs. New Jersey supplies a minimum payment of $713 per month per child. Wisconsin base rates range from $384 to $499 per month, with guidelines on how foster parents should spend the money.