How Much Money Did Pablo Escobar Have?

Pablo Escobar accumulated $30 billion dollars during his lifetime as the leader of the Medellin drug cartel. He is considered the richest drug dealer of all time.

Escobar was a powerful man who was ruthless in both his ascent to power as a drug dealer and in his dealings with people who he felt had wronged him. With his Medellin drug cartel behind him, he held all power in the Colombian drug trade with a focus on cocaine. He was killed in a violent shootout during December of 1993.

Escobar was born to middle-class parents, and from an early age he dreamed of becoming the Colombian president. His older brother has said that he was driven and determined to make something of himself, so when he found success in the small-time hustling world in Medellin, he started dealing drugs. Escobar would enter the big-time drug world during the early 1970s, where he immediately focused on cocaine. He did the processing part himself by first buying coca paste and then generating the cocaine.

In 1985, the United States started to pressure Colombia to extradite Escobar due to his incredible wealth and control in the country, though he would not die until 1993. Escobar used his position of power to try to persuade Colombian officials to create a "no extradition clause," however he killed many innocent citizens during this period, and the country turned against him.