How Do You Move Your Section 8 or HUD Housing Out of State?

Tenants using housing choice vouchers administered by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development are able to move out of state and remain in the voucher program, but they must inform the public housing authority about plans to move. Tenants who are moving must follow required procedures for terminating a lease and securing PHA housing in the new location. Those who hold new HUD vouchers can choose a rental unit in any HUD-approved jurisdiction in the country.

Moving to a housing unit in another state while in the HUD voucher program is the same as any other type of move, except voucher users are restricted to rental units that accept housing vouchers. After getting approval for a housing unit from the public housing authority in the new location, the next step is to sign a lease with the new landlord, and sign a PHA housing assistance contract. All three parties to the lease are obligated to comply with HUD rules. The new landlord must provide tenants with a clean and safe living unit, and rents should be reasonably affordable.

Leases are for one year or month-to-month, and HUD tenants are required to pay a share of the rent. HUD makes regular payments to the landlord for the remaining balance.