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In 2015, the Maryland Court of Special Appeals granted a motion to reopen the murder conviction of Adnan Syed, reports International Business Times, while a Kent County, Delaware, Family Court denied a motion to reopen a civil protection order hearing involving NASCAR driver Kurt Busch, notes Fox Sports. Testimony in Syed's case was cast in doubt after a witness backtracked. Kent County commissioner David Jones decided that Busch did not provide sufficient new evidence to reverse the Court's previous ruling.

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Adnan Syed's case garnered widespread attention after National Public Radio host Sarah Koenig revisited the case. Syed was convicted of murdering his former girlfriend based in part on Abraham Waranowitz's testimony that Syed's cellphone records provided accurate evidence of Syed's location at the time of the murder. Waranowitz later publicly questioned the accuracy of his testimony when confronted with the fact that AT&T's published disclaimers at the time of the murder stated that outgoing cellphone calls on its network did not evince a caller's location accurately, notes International Business Times.

A Kent County Family Court granted a protective order to Kurt Busch's former girlfriend, Patricia Driscoll, after she alleged that Busch slammed her face against a wall multiple times. The no-contact order compelled Busch to remain at least 100 yards away from Driscoll, to not purchase or possess firearms or ammunition for a period of one year, and to undergo a mental health evaluation. Busch appealed, introducing additional witnesses, but the court affirmed the protective order, states Fox Sports.

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