What Are Some MOS Job Descriptions in the Marine Corps?

What Are Some MOS Job Descriptions in the Marine Corps?

In the U.S. Marine Corps, some military occupation specialities, also known as MOS, are logistics, intelligence, training, linguist and infantry. Logistics personnel are responsible for planning and carrying out the movement and maintenance of Marine Corps forces. Examples of logistics jobs include logistics mobility chief, landing support specialist and personnel retrieval and processing technician.

Marine Corps personnel who work in the military occupation specialty of intelligence are responsible for collecting, processing and disseminating vital intelligence in military operations, which helps commanders make decisions in the field. Some specialities within intelligence include analysis, geographical intelligence, counterintelligence and imagery interpretation.

Marines who work in the occupational specialty of training are responsible for educating and preparing entry-level Marines for their military service. Positions in this specialty include drill sergeants, marksmanship coaches, range officers, martial arts instructors and marine combat instructors.

Marines who work as linguists are responsible for speaking and translating foreign languages in support of military operations and intelligence.

Infantry soldiers are considered the central component of ground operations in the Marine Corps. Their job is to locate and destroy enemy forces by fire and maneuver. Marine infantry men support artillery, naval gunfire and close air support. Specialties within the Marine infantry include rifleman, machine gunner, mortarman and assaultman.