What Are Missouri's Laws That Relate to Eviction?


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According to Eviction Resources, a Missouri tenant can be given written notice of eviction if he fails to fulfill previously agreed upon terms of a contract and a specified amount of time to correct the aforementioned breach of contract has passed. The most common reasons for eviction are nonpayment of rent, staying longer than the lease is valid and violating terms of the lease.

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Although there are various reasons why tenants require eviction, LandlordGuidance.com states that rent and possession suits and unlawful detainment suits are the only two types of eviction suits used by Missouri landlords when a tenant fails to heed an eviction notice. The former covers nonpayment and the latter covers all other reasons.

According to LandlordGuidance.com, Missouri does not specify how much time to give a tenant to correct a breach of contract. However, other states allow three-to-five days and it is advised that a similar amount of time be granted. A Missouri landlord is never allowed to evict a tenant for any reason without a court's approval. Tenants also have 10 days after their court date to appeal a court-ordered eviction. A notice does not need to be served if there is illegal activity occurring on the premises; in this case, landlords are advised to immediately go to the appropriate authorities.

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