What Missouri Public Records Are Accessible Online?

The Missouri government site has a public record section allowing users to search records such as arrest reports, birth and death certificates, and marriage or divorce records. Visitors of the site can also search a business records database that includes tax registration files and documents regarding name registrations or campaign finance reports.

Online public records for the state of Missouri include basic personal information such as birth, death and marriage reports or official obituary records. The public can also access criminal records such as sex offender registers and a list of the most wanted persons coming from the Drug Enforcement Administration. Employers can do online background checks on any Missouri residents. The missing children section has a database with names of photographs of children missing in Missouri.

The online database allows citizens to search Missouri traffic crash reports by name, county or location. A traffic camera map indicating live incident reports is also available together with a traveler information map offering details on road conditions, traffic detours and flooding locations. The unclaimed property database provides a list of unclaimed items.

Citizens can also find out how much government employees are earning using the online government salaries search. Search criteria for this database include searches by agency, employee name or position title.