Who Is Mirtha Jung?

Mirtha Jung was married to drug trafficker George Jung during his time working for the Medellín Cartel. The couple had one daughter, Kristina Sunshine Jung. In the movie "Blow," which is based on the life and times of George Jung, Mirtha was portrayed by actress Penélope Cruz.

Born on Aug. 6, 1942, George Jung became a major player in the American cocaine drug trade during the 1970s. After dropping out of the University of Southern Mississippi, Jung began smuggling cannabis from California to the East Coast utilizing airline stewardesses. As his operation expanded, he started using professional pilots to fly cannabis in from Mexico using stolen airplanes. At the height of his operations, Jung was bringing in $250,000 per month.

After he was arrested in Chicago during an attempt to smuggle 650 pounds of marijuana, Jung was sentenced to prison in Danbury, Conn. While in Danbury, Jung struck up a friendship with cellmate Carlos Lehder Rivas, who had connections to the Medellín Cartel. Upon their release, Rivas and Jung went into business together flying cocaine from Pablo Escobar's ranch in Columbia to the United States, where Jung handed the drugs to Richard Barile, his California connection. As the sole middleman, Jung made $15 million for each run.